Student’s voice | Ajarn Somphong Tok Sen in Chiang Mai

Student’s voice

Student’s voice from all around the world.

Mariko Sue
I learned “Pha Khaw Ma”, “Fon Cheng”, “Rue Sri Dud Thon”, “Stretch Massage”, “Foot massage” and “Tok Sen” from Ajarn Somphong.

When I joined his class at the first time, it was very polite and easy to understand, so I thought I wanna learn more from him.

He was very calm and interesting person, he said joke sometimes, so the class was very fun.
I am also happy that the classroom has an air conditioner.

Actually, I learned “Thai massage” and “Oil massage” at other schools in Chiang Mai before, but Ajarn Sompong’s class were affordable price and high quality, I wish I could have met him sooner!

When I go to Chiang Mai next time, I will learn more from him!

Sue (Mariko)
from Japan

I learned “Thai massage” from Ajarn Sompong, then opened 3 massage shops in Chiang Mai. My employees also received class from Ajarn Sompong, I really appriciate his help!
Since then, I have been receiving his class.

Ajarn Sompong teaches at University, Church and Temple sometimes, so he is a highly respected teacher from Thai people.
Thai people who want to open massage shop like me, they also come to receive his class.

Ajarn Sompong is a very reliable teacher with high skill and good personality.

from Thailand