Learn Thai | Ajarn Somphong Tok Sen in Chiang Mai

Learn Thai

Learn Thai with Ajarn Somphong

Ajarn Sompong speaks good English, but also use Thai sometimes.

Let’s learn Thai with Ajarn Somphong!

By the way, what is “Ajarn”? Ajarn means teacher or master in Thai.
When you call him, you can use “Ajarn”.

 Tap the green arrow to listen his voice.


Char Char 
ช้า ช้า
Don’t rush, move slowly.
People likes get massage gently.
Bao Bao 
เบา เบา
Don’t be nervous, just touch softly.
It is very dangerous if you touch/move too strong/fast.
Very Good!
Dee Mark 
ดี มาก
As your skills improve, you will receive praise from Ajarn.
Sit down
Just sit down when Ajarn said this word.
Stand up
Yuun Khun 
ยืน ขึ้น
Just stand up when Ajarn said this word.
Nung(1) Song(2) Saam(3) See(4) Haa(5) Hok(6) Jed(7) Baed(8) Gaao(9) Sib(10) 
หนึ่ง(1) สอง(2) สาม(3) สี่(4) ห้า(5) หก(6) เจ็ด(7) แปด(8) เก้า(9) สิบ(10)
Count from 1 to 10.
It’s useful if you remember the number!